Custom EQ's - Sony's EmotionEQ and FrontSURR

Hi there! I’m Mark!

Let me tell you first a story, When I was about 10 I’m always looking forward to make my PC sound better. And this software FXSound formerly DFX Audio Enhancer is one of the software that I used since before. Along with other software, trying to get the best one.

Fast forward today, they make and improved the software a lot better, its now completely free, it has a nice UI, and improved sound. Okay, that’s a lot, Let’s make this straight forward!

I have created an EQ’s suitable for music listening, movie watching, and gaming. And even ideal for TV drama’s and news! I call it Emotion EQ and FrontSURR. Sounds familiar? Yes! Its the same flavor (not technically same - but a little close) to the ones present in some Sony’s Home Audio System. We own one and I think they did a great job making equalizer presets and even stereo surround configuration for the most listening material.

Without any further a do, grab it here:


Chill Out - Great for EDM’s, Hiphop, Pop, RnB’s, it’s best for all
Energetic - Best for rock musics, or alternative
Excited - When you simply want to party like EDM’s
Nostalgic - Best for old songs or Pop
Relaxed - Basically, when you need to relax and have a coffee

Drama - Best for drama or TV Series
Game - It says it all, nice for gaming specially FPS
Movie 1 - Standard movie enhancement for all genre
Movie 2 - Its nice to have in action movies
News - Recommended for news for clearer vocal

Keep in mind that most EQ’s that I made is subtle in changes. I Hope you like it and I wish that we can make fxSound Community a better place for us music fans, and audiophiles.

Thank you!

P.S. Unzip the file and import it to your FxSound. Have fun!


Thanks, Mark!
We appreciate your contribution.
Welcome to the forum, enjoy your stay!


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Hi there! I’ve noticed that the presets where the same. There was an issue with the app upon exporting presets. I’ve fix the issue and here is the updated link: FxSound - Google Drive


Thanks Mark! Let me know if you guys like any of these presets and we can add them to Presets - FxSound