A few technical questions

Hi all,

I’ve just found this application, though apparently it’s been around for quite some time. I’ve been experimenting with it and so far I’ve been quite happy, but I do have a few technical questions.

First of all, having a easy to access 9-band semi-parametric EQ is fantastic. The one question I have is what is the Q? As much as I’d love to be able to adjust the width, at least knowing what it is would let me better tailor the sound.

The second question is regarding the Dynamic Boost effect. Could you confirm or reject my suspicion that it is a multiband compressor with some - what sounds to be pretty effective - AI behind it? Reading the description in the learning center and tinkering with my ears seems to sure sound like it. The big reason to know, is I don’t want to have any conflicts with something like RX or my DAW; especially if I’m having to run in a broadcast configuration.

Finally, has anyone had experience using this in a multi-output situation? E.g., sending sound to my reference monitors and/or headphones as well as, say, OBS. Any gotchas to know about?



Hi Raul;
I cannot answer the first two questions, Q is unknown to me and so are the workings of the Dynamic Boost effect (since I played no part whatsoever in developing the program).
So I’ll go ahead and tag @bvijay for you, perhaps he can answer those.
As to your third question about multiple outputs, I have no experience with that situation and there is no option for it in FxSound itself, but I’ll leave this thread open so other users can chime in, and there was a thread on that topic recently, see below.

Thanks much for the pass-along. Worst case scenario is I can patch a measurement mic in and make some extreme adjustments and watch the results on my RTA/FFT.

If I can’t get an answer on the Dynamic Boost, that’s fine; knowing would just make it a bit easier integrating my listening and production workflows. and, well, the sound engineer in me wants to know what any plugin is doing to my signal. All the other effects are either self-explanatory or easily seen on my FFT display. Frankly, if I can’t get an answer, I’ll simply assume that it is doing what I think it is. At the least, the effect sounds exactly like what multi-band compression at a mastering stage would sound like. :slight_smile:

I’ll be honest. Originally, I was simply looking at this for personal listening sound only. But, the EQ is so darn musical and the stereo separate on the Surround effect is so clean that I can’t help but consider it when I’m online as well.


Since I have worked on some of the EQ code, I can confirm that the Q value is 1.52743447.
But don’t have much idea on the internals of dynamic boost effect.

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Thanks, Vijay!
Well, I guess that at least answers one of your questions, @Raul. :slight_smile: