Potential VST Plugin?

Is there any chance having FX Sound converted to an all in one VST plugin? I think the software is great but there’s a few semi niche cases where people wouldn’t be able to use it, mainly that of when they just simple can’t have a program such at that running for one reason or another and VST’s are their only source of control, or some programs not playing nice with FX Sound and hearing “doubling” of audio due to either latency or just incompatibility which then becomes a whole issue of pointing fingers and potentially making the user have to pick one option over the other or just outright abandoning both of them in search of something else.

I know it’s not a priority but I think it’d be great, plus with a program like Wave Link from Elgato having VST support a user could apply all these effects to different audio sources with the virtual outputs it has, giving them even better control of their audio and not feeling tied down to just one option with how it works.

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Good evening;
This has been suggested a couple of times before by @Just4funiplay and @Raul, so I’ve added your post to the existing thread.