Is there any way to select virtual input and output

I’m wondering if there is a way I can choose the input and output without FX Sound taking full default control of my drivers?

Or if there is a VST plugin version? This has amazing sound enhancements for those of us streaming, but I’ve had issues with it limiting my other tools due to the forced default and multiple input and output streams. It’s not difficult to input my mix but my streams prevent me from screen sharing anything but the fxSound app when love.

I have combined this with DTSX and VoiceMeeter and produced some amazing live sounds. A VST plugin of fxsound might be a popular way to generate revenue from streamers. If it’s something you’d like to consider? I am available to test pilot if this is possible or if there is a way to access the driver input/output and use like an audio bridge or virtual cable it would achieve what I am looking for…

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Thank you for your input.
Yes, this has already been suggested, and James has been made aware of the idea.

I’ll remember that.

I should’ve searched better but not really surprised .

What are the options topping an inflator, a good spreader, booster, eq. The reality is if you made it easy to either plug into something like VoiceMeeter or for anyone to control the in/out drivers and leave it standalone like it is I’m a buyer for $25.

I hate paying for software and at $25 probably sounds insulting for the time you’ve got involved, so I get it.

Guys like me being where we’re, “I’m as cheap as they come”, actually paid for my chosen VoiceMeeter setup and extra cables and there are a lot of us out here.

If you do please let me know I will make a donation for a license key.

The other thing is if you simply licensed the control of the audio in/out you have two products in one. I don’t mind bridging or giving up a fader either. Here’s the real selling point. I am able to play 3-4 incoming streams. Two are audio bots speaking out notification’s and news and usually the third is some light blues guitar and 4th my voice. So 4 streams to 1. Everyone says the sound and mix is amazing with Fx. FX clarity is exactly what lets a voice stand out over the back ground music with clarity.

I’m glad to know others interest and originally what got me to try fxsound was how well it looks. I had no intentions in downloading anything but it looked like eye candy in the windows store.

Be well and let me know. Thanks.

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Please note, I personally have no say in those decisions, though.
But I’ll do my best to remember this thread, and to keep you posted if it ever happens.