I really like FxSound!
Adding compression would be really nice.

Threshold and Ratio adjustable.
And Make Up Gain enabled by default.

Thank you

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Hello Paul,

Sorry it took me a while to answer; I was honestly a bit surprised and taken aback that you suggested adding compression to FxSound as a main function, and, as such, could not immediately formulate an appropriate response.

I know the free VLC Media Player has a compressor function built into it, which can be found under the Tools > Effects and Filters menu; you already seem acquainted with this tool, but anyone else who’s interested can find a tutorial on the VLC Compressor here - - fair warning though, I just spent about 30 minutes unselecting all the little “Legitimate Interest” checkboxes, so I’ve just copied the main instructions below…

Dynamic range compression - or, simply, compression - is an audio signal processing operation that reduces the volume of loud sounds or amplifies quiet sounds, thus reducing or compressing an audio signal’s dynamic range.

“Makeup gain” - used to raise the volume to the desired level during quiet sequences
“Threshold” - maintains an equilibrium by reducing louder sequences
“Ratio” - sets the maximum level of all audio within a movie
“Attack time” / “Release time” - help determine the speed of the compression

FxSound is intended to be, and has always been, an audio enhancer - an “audio booster,” to use a somewhat rough description - with a minimalist design, its main features being 5 Effects and an EQ; and I’m having trouble imagining compression added as one of its core functions…

So, Paul, I ask you - to quote DiCaprio at the end of The Wolf Of Wall Street:

“Sell me this compressor ?” :fountain_pen:


Thank you for your reply.

Yes, the compression with VLC is great and very complete.
But VLC does not allow you to correct the sound output from the PC sound card.
Many people want to lower the dynamic range to watch action movies (for example). Now, it is not VLC that is used but Netflix (or others…).

To keep FxSound a simple software,
we could imagine that the “Dynamic Boost” parameter would be renamed to “Dynamic”:
-In the middle, no change in dynamics.
-On the right, increased dynamics.
-On the left, reduction of dynamics.

This is my proposal. Do as you please.

(Sorry for the translation which may not be perfect.)

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