Will FxSound Create Better Audio Quality for movies?

Hi. I’m looking for a program or software that makes the audio quality of movies better and I’m curious if FxSound will do that?

Some one told me that FxSound will improve the audio quality of movies that have bad audio quality.

I watch movies online but have have poor audio quality and I’m looking for a solution that that issue.

I’m not a video editor or anything like that, I’m looking for something that will do the job for me, obviously.


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Hi Rory,
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Well, the only way to find out, is to try it…
Hard to go wrong, since the new version is completely free.
Either way, it depends on how you define “quality;” audiophiles, for example, will define “quality” differently than casual listeners.
But yes, I think FxSound can indeed make watching movies a more immersive, more intense, and more visceral experience.
Below are some tutorials to get you started, and you can download the program at fxsound.com .
All the info can be found in the Learning Center:
FxSound Learning Center - Articles, Courses, Guides, and Support
Here’s the tutorial on the Effects:
How to Use FxSound's Effects - FxSound Learning Center
Here’s the tutorial on the Equalizer:
How to Use FxSound's EQ - FxSound Learning Center
Here’s the tutorial on Presets:
Saving Custom Presets (and more!) - FxSound Learning Center
And finally, a quick link to the Bonus Presets:
Presets - FxSound
Hope that helps you get started; if you have more questions, I’ll be happy to answer them as best as I can.
Kind regards,
doolhoofd (forum mod)

Hi doolhoofd, and thank you for the reply. I will consider FXSound next time I want to watch a movie with bad audio quality.
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Let me just quickly break down the 5 Effects, since these are the program’s main feature:

Clarity: a unique booster for the high frequencies.
Ambience: instantly adds reverb to any audio track.
Surround Sound: makes the sound more spacious and immersive.
Dynamic Boost: boosts the volume way up.
Bass Boost: boosts the low frequencies.

If you’re dealing with video files that have bad audio quality, I’d try upping all the sliders step by step (they go from 0 to 10), except perhaps the Ambience one (since not everyone appreciates having reverb added to a movie).

If the sound quality is initially low, then you can only optimize the sound in some aspects. A recording from a cinema hall cannot be made a studio option through a general adjustment.
You can select different presets for sound, movies, which will enhance the frequency spectrum. About the point setting is written above.
To really increase the quality, you need high-quality AI processing that can separate sounds into voices, effects, and noise. I haven’t heard of this being available.

So try and adjust. It is possible to improve the perception of the film (for example, voices) with the help of this program.

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