'Best' Settings for Shooter Games

Hello guys, how are you? :grinning:

I know that asking about the best configuration may not be the most accurate, because from what I have researched about the sound configuration it is something extremely broad, but I would like to ask you about what you would think would be the best configuration to play this kind of game games? Considering the steps very important.

I am ignorant on the subject and I get confused when I see so many things to move in the program. I’ve already used the gaming option but I feel like it’s set up in a more general sense and can be set up a bit more towards shooter games.

Could someone help me please :pray:

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Hello Egan,
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Personally, I’d recommend starting from the Gaming preset and boosting the Ambience and Surround a bit further - but FxSound is fully customizable to your own liking and taste.
You can find all the info in the Learning Center:

Here’s the tutorial on effects:


Here’s the tutorial on the Equalizer:


Once you’re done, don’t forget to name and save your preset!
Here’s the tutorial on presets:


Hope that helps.