Can we turn off FXSound presets depending on device?

I am running FXSound because my windows and discord and game audio coming out of my SoundCard speaker is a bit on the low end.
The problem is that when I’m playing with friends, I put a HyperX Cloud 3 on discord + league of legends for example, and the present loundness carries over to the headset, forcing me to juggle different audio mixer bars for every app and game specifically because of the headset vs soundbar, and that’s because FXSound booster becomes too loud on the ears otherwise.

I don’t want to constantly juggle “turning on and off” the entire program, so that I dont forget to turn it on on soundbar, or worse, forget to turn it OFF on the headset and getting another jumpscare of ear bleeding loudness…
I’d like to be able to configure FXSound to be loud on my sound card (ON), and turn it OFF indeifnitely for my headset audio) and never cross streams between the 2.

Can we do that please?

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Hello Charles, and welcome to the forum.

Short answer: No. Not at the moment.

Long(er) answer…
The requests which most closely resemble yours, are the auto-switch and priority device ones.
Please take a look at those first, and let me know if they would suffice to fulfill your needs, or not.

I wanted to suggest EarTrumpet, but, this would lead me to assume you already have a similar app installed, correct?

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