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A Linux version of FxSound would be tremendously appreciated. I recently switched from Windows 11 to Pop! OS and have really been missing FxSound. I haven’t been able to find any suitable alternatives to it for Linux. What a shame!


Good evening Travis,
Multiple requests for a Linux version have already been made (you can find them by typing the search term “Linux” into the field opened by the looking glass at the top right of the forum).
This was James’ response:

However, if I’m not mistaken - and you’re willing to put up with some shenanigans -there are options out there to run virtualized operating systems on Linux, like VMware Workstation Player (freeware) for example:

I hope this answers your question; if you have any others, feel free to ask!

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Thank you for the quick reply!

Although I do sympathize with James’ sentiment, I feel that if FxSound was ported to Linux, it would probably gain a lot of traction. I know there are much less users on Linux, but I think the users which are on it would greatly appreciate it if existed and they were aware of it.

If the team ultimately decides it’s best to not develop a Linux version themselves, may I suggest open-sourcing FxSound so the community can port it to Linux? Assuming it’s written in a platform-agnostic language, porting the original code should be a relatively viable option. Although, given the fact the app isn’t already open-source, I take it the team has probably already considered it and decided on a reason to not open-source it.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on all of this, cheers!

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To answer your question:

I am only a mod, but I am not aware of any current plans to opensource the software, so I can only assume that this is indeed the case.
Quite a number of requests to opensource the software were made in this thread (which is no longer current, by the way).

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Thank you for the reply! I’ve reached out to archer directly via a reply on the second thread you linked to. Hopefully he’ll be able to answer the questions you were unable to.

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If we did open-source FxSound I do think a Linux option would be far more likely to come to fruition.

As for whether we’ll make FxSound open-source, I want to talk more with the team, do more research, and get a better sense of whether we can get some contributors to help, but it’s something I think could make a lot of sense for us and the FxSound community moving forward.

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I also would like to see this. I am very seriously considering abandoning Windows for a Linux based system. I do think it is worthwhile to have this done. There are probably enough Linux users that it would be worth the effort to do this. and certainly once word got out more of the existing Linux users would use this as well. The way Windows is going I think more will be switching platforms and switching to Linux.

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Have you tried installing FxSound using Bottles app on Linux? Maybe FxSound could work that way. You might need to install and use windows version of Video Player inside same bottle as FxSound.

Even better if FxSound devs bundled FxSound with WineHQ, pre-configuring it with everything needed for FxSound .exe to work on Linux and released FxSound as a Flatpak package you can then simply install via App Store on Linux.

If it works, awesome!

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Thank you for sharing this. :heartpulse:

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Hi @Travis, did you try Easy Effects? It should fulfil your needs. Even if FxSound devs start porting to Linux, that would take years before becoming usable. Because Linux has a complete different api and media pipeline. Also, Linux OS are now at transitioning period to pipewire.
@james if you feel uncomfortable about making FxSound open-source due to possible copycat and theft of code, you could use strict licence like GPL-3.


Hey, I forget to mention another powerful equalizer for linux; JamesDSP. It has few more specialized features than Easy Effects, also supports both PipeWire and PulseAudio.

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