Is there any versions or later support for Ubuntu?

I’ve been enjoying a lot of dfx and fxsound audio enhancements but I miss them so much when I switched to ubuntu.

so are you guys planning to have support later on this operating system as well?

since there are not many audio enhancers here :frowning:

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Hi @awohsen ,
Welcome to the forum.
A quick search found zero threads on the topic of Ubuntu, so I assume not - but I could be wrong…
James, if you’re seeing this: I’m sure you know?

Currently, FxSound is Windows-only.

There is a thread from James , the CEO here, where he asked about other operating system or even a browser plug-in. You could provide your feedback there and see what i brings …

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I went ahead and proactively shared awohsen’s request in that thread.

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To be honest it’s unlikely we’ll be able to get to making FxSound compatible with Ubuntu or Linux. There just aren’t enough users on the platform to make it a more valuable use of our limited development time compared with other things we can do.

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Thanks for the reply, yes you’re right no other operating system users reach windows for now; Today’s Linux operating system users are growing faster since it’s more comfortable and easy to use compared to before.

but if you’re not planning to feature support in this platform I leave it to you guys to close the topic.

Thanks for the great fxsound, I’m going to miss it for more ever.