FxSound Chrome Plug-In

Likely a simplified version of the FxSound app for the Chrome browser. Will be a bit more lightweight and you’d be able to use it on MacOS.

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That goes in an interesting direction …

However, there are several limitations when it comes to web audio and browser. They do not even support surround output yet in a good way (or at all) and do not even do something mirroring existing sound channels from stereo to quad or something without extensions and such. If FxSound could do something about that, it would help! But that is a feature suggestion on its own, i guess …

On the other hand: since FxSound is system wide, which i find it the best way to be, i see not much use of a browser-only variant aside unsupported OSses or something like that.


Hmm wasn’t aware that browsers don’t support surround sound well. Not sure we’ll be able to change that.

For the moment we’re looking into making a simple version of FxSound just for the sake of getting support to the unsupported operating systems as you mentioned.

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If you do a Google search like “chrome surround sound support” you can find several postings on that topic all over the place.

With chrome, there seem to be several half-official and half-working things like some flags as mentioned here (https://support.google.com/chrome/thread/21248703/5-1-surround-sound-in-chrome?hl=en).

I guess the people are looking to get use for their hardware on the one hand and using more web-based audio these days on the other.

Finally, i think this is the reason for stuff like Dolby Atmos and such. Maybe this will change how surround sound works in the future, but currently it does more sound like it will dissappear again as some other things which never made the final step.

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User @awohsen asks for support for Ubuntu;