FxSound Picking up BrowserAudio and playing it in Discord

As the Title says I’m having issues with FxSound and Discord.

When FxSound is enabled it picks up my browser Audio and plays it through discord.

This is unusable for me when speaking with my friend’s They can hear the Audio.

Is there a way to fix this?

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Hi Matt,
Have you explored the entire Settings menu inside Discord yet?
I know there are a lot of settings, and that there’s a section called Voice & Video, with options allowing you to select your input and output devices, activate Krisp noise suppression, as well as an Attenuation option which can decrease the volume of other applications (among others).
Or Discord’s own troubleshooting pages:

Also, most web browsers have locations where you can change the permissions for access by other applications and devices.
In Chrome, the extended version of these site-specific permissions can be opened by clicking the “Site settings” cogwheel at the bottom of the window shown below, and the general version is located under:
Settings > Privacy and security > Site settings.

Let me know if this helped (or not)!

Thank you for trying to help but maybe i should have noted it’s not just my Browser but system sound to so if i play music through Windows Media player etc.

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So then it’s probably similar to this report:

Thanks you but unlike that person powering of FxSound like normal worked to fix the issue but the problem for me is i want FxSound on all the time without causing these discord issues. My Headphones are to powerful for my pc normally so i need an AudioBooster to have even decent audio. What would you suggest i do and what is the person in this post suggest i to do? Thanky

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I was at a friend’s house recently, and he had a miniature amplifier for exactly that purpose.
Do you connect your headphones via Bluetooth, via jack, or via USB?
There’s also a concise summary of alternatives to FxSound located at the end of the troubleshooting list (bannered to the top of the forum).

Jack there DT770’s Pro 80 Ohms

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Good gear.

I am no expert, but if purchasing an amp/dac is an option, the FiiO E10K should go well with them:

What i’m thinking can you suggest something in the 100 buck range?

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That FiiO should be right in that bracket.
Also, if I’m not mistaken, their newer model comes at the same price as the older one.

Thanks i appreciate it

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All applications output audio on the audio device selected in Windows. If FxSound is the default audio device, then browser and Discord output audio through it and FxSound in turn outputs audio on the selected physical device. Since Discord has an option to select audio device in settings you can select a different output device to avoid browser audio and Discord audio to go through the browser. Since browsers don’t have the option to select the audio output device, browser output will always be through the default audio device.

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