Latest update continuously restarts during download

I’ve been trying to download the latest version but it isn’t downloading properly. It’s unable to complete properly. It gets to about 75% and then restarts to download. I’ve tried to use other browsers other than Chrome which is my default but the issue persists… The problem also exists within the apps own update facility… Any suggestions??

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Which version are you trying to download and where are you trying to download it from?
Usually you can find the latest version on either or the Microsoft Store; if you’ve tried one of those but not the other, then I would suggest trying the other.
Also, version was just released for testing:
Want to help us beta test V1.1.20.0?

v1.1.19.0 from I tried again a few minutes ago with success but boy, it restarted downloading 8 times before it completed…

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My apologies for the trouble on behalf of the team.
I tried the dotcom site, and got the .exe on the first try…

Hmmmm :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I hope everything is okay now, but if you encounter more difficulties, just post back here and let me know, and I’ll do my best to help.

Everythings ok now and thanks for the quick replies… :+1:

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I’m afraid it’s happening again. I’m trying to download v1.1.20.0 but it keeps repeating the download leading to a failure. I tried 3 times last night and again this afternoon with the same result. Any help would be appreciated, please. Thanks

I also tried Firefox just now and the pic is from that attempt as Chrome doesn’t tell you it failed, it just stops downloading after a few attempts

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Hi @CuChullain,
Again, downloading from the main page is working just fine on my end.
You could try:

Let me know if this helps.

Sometimes the availability of downloading depends on various reasons: geolocation (site-to-you distance), Internet speed and stability, and the like.
If the browser does not download, then check the download with an alternative program, a download manager (Free Download Manager, Download Master, aria2c, wget). “Microsoft Store” or winget (command winget install fxsound in modern Windows) can also be considered an alternative program.

Therefore, if you want to check the reason for the inability to download, then start with ping and tracing to the and domains. It is possible that your provider cannot transmit information via the optimal route. Usually because it’s cheaper and he can always refer to third party problems.

In particular, with a good Internet connection, my connection to the site (server) causes the connection to time out before attempting to start downloading. The connection is through the global intermediate provider Akamai and twelve99, where communication times exceed 1000 ms on some of their servers. For comparison, communication with Google and Cloudflare is 40 and 60 ms, Facebook 85ms. Communication with them goes through other geographical and communication locations.

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