Error in downloading

I am attempting to download and I am getting a timed out message. Is your system down? If it is, do you know when it is expected to come back up? Thank you!

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Just a follow up. It is redirecting to
and it is timing out saying the site is not responding. Is there a different link that I should be using? When I use the other link, it connects to a youtube video and that’s as far as it goes.

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Hello Eileen,
This kind of error has happened before.
Let me alert @bvijay, FxSound’s lead progammer.
Sorry for the trouble.
Hope this gets fixed soon.

On my end the main download button on the homepage is working fine. Another reason could be that there is trouble with your local network. Any other issues with other websites/downloads?

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Indeed, can confirm, working fine here as well.

What you can check is also to right-click on the download button and select “save target as” or “save link under” or whatever your brwoser offers you in the context menu.

You could also check another browser as a test, but that would only make sense when you are having trouble with other websites, too.

Edit: I hope it is okay to suggest this, but the easiest and quickest workaround would be using another download site — a big and trusted on, of course, like

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On my computer, clicking on this link downloads the program without any issues.

Hello @EileenD820;
Could you please briefly inform us on whether or not the issue has been solved?

No reply.
Closing thread.