Jabra Link Adapter Not Recognized As Output Device until I restart FXSound

Bug Report: I have a wireless Jabra headset which connects to my PC via a Jabra Link 380 USB adapter. If FXSound is already running when I plug the adapter in, it isn’t automatically recognized as an available output device and I have to exit and re-open FXSound to get it to register. Validated across several PCs running Windows 10 and 11 Pro, issue is present regardless of which USB port is used - onboard, hub, thunderbolt dock; all are impacted.

A number of my other USB audio devices seem to register with FXSound right away (including Poly Sync 20+, Creative SoundBlaster X4, and even the Jabra Evolve2 85 itself if connected over USB directly) so FXSound seems to be able to register new USB output devices OK in general. This issue seems to be endemic to the Jabra Link 380 (and possibly other Jabra Link adapters - I don’t have any to test).

Even without a headset connected, the adapter is seen by Windows as an Audio Endpoint, so not sure why it isn’t picked up by FXsound.


Headset Earphone (Jabra Link 380)

Driver Name: audioendpoint.inf
Class Guid: {c166523c-fe0c-4a94-a586-f1a80cfbbf3e}
Driver Date: 05/06/2022
Driver Version: 10.0.22621.1
Driver Provider: Microsoft
Driver Section: NO_DRV
Driver Rank: 0xFF0000
Matching Device Id: MMDEVAPI\AudioEndpoints
Outranked Drivers: c_swdevice.inf:SWD\GenericRaw:00FF3001
Device Updated: false
Parent Device: USB

Please let me know if the team needs any more detailed diagnostic info! Thanks!

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Thanks for the report.
My first questions would be:
Which version of FxSound are you running?
Is the “Automatically switch to newly connected output device” option enabled?
And have you read the troubleshooting list yet (at the top of the forum)?

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Wow, a little embarrassed that I didn’t include version numbers haha…

Currently on, but issue has been present at least as far back as

Issue is present whether “Automatically switch to newly connected output device” is enabled or not - the issue isn’t that FXSound isn’t switching to the Jabra Link, it’s that the Jabra Link isn’t even available for manual switching until I restart the app.

I’ve reviewed the Troubleshooting list - only relevant one I hadn’t explored was #24 - full specialized uninstaller. However, the issue is present on a fresh install of Windows and FXSound, so that’s already otherwise ruled out.

Also validated, this morning, that the issue is present regardless of whether Jabra Direct is installed/running.


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Jabra Link 380 is a bluetooth adapter to connect Jabra devices. So, how does Windows recognise Jabra Link 380? In Control Panel → Sound, is it getting listed or is Jabra headset which is connected to Jabra Link 380 getting listed?

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Hi @bvijay - driver details in my original post are for the Jabra Link 380 itself - Windows sees the adapter as an Audio Endpoint regardless of whether a headset is actively connected.

In Device Manager, it appears under Audio inputs and outputs > Headset Earphone (Jabra Link 380) (as well as Headset Microphone (Jabra Link 380), although that’s an input device, and not necessarily relevant for FXSound)

FXSound fails to detect the Link 380 as an available output device (until I restart the application) regardless whether a headset is actively connected.


FxSound gets the audio playback endpoint devices which are active and lists them. Can you please compare the listed devices with the audio playback devices listed in the Playback tab in Control Panel → Sound applet. Also, devices which are disconnected and inactive will not be listed in FxSound even if the device is installed.

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The Link 380 becomes available as a playback device in Control Panel > Sound as soon as I connect it to a PC, independent of whether a headset is connected.

This makes sense, as FxSound is able to retrieve it in the list upon restarting FxSound.

Just doesn’t make sense that I have to restart FxSound for this device to register, but not for the other numerous USB and bluetooth audio endpoints I’ve tested with - they register as available playback devices in FxSound as soon as I connect them, without restarting the app.

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