Installation directory

Want/need to install fxsound to a drive other than ‘C’ but there’s always problems.
No settings file,to ooops problem with your playback device.

I have multiple windows installs so would like to use one instance of fxsound.
Is this like the EA app that will ONLY install/work from C drive?

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Hi Indi,

Yes, afraid so; FxSound must be installed on the main drive in order to work.

This is the explanation, as far as I know:
FxSound installs one extra driver (“FxSound Audio Enhancer”) through which all audio from all devices on your computer is processed.
But, if the FxSound driver is not installed on the same disk as your audio devices, then it cannot process their audio.

Hi @Indi,
Through the user interface there is no option to provide a custom installation path.
You can try running the installer from admin command prompt with this option,
fxsound_setup.exe INSTALLLOCATION=“custom path”.

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