I think FX sound should have an option to display Ads for support

I like FXSOund so much but i cant support it since i live in 3rd world country which is the income is so low. so maybe for people like me there is an option to display ads inside the aps so developper can get money.

I also give opinion if the Developer can monitize the preset, do collab with musician or people who live from music and make Premium Preset, also Free user can have 9 EQs, while Premium preset can used up to 16 or 18 EQs toggle.

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Hello anticeon,
It doesn’t happen often that a user asks for ads…
So I take it you like the program very much! :slight_smile:
The whole philosophy behind this big shift was to make FxSound accessible to all, so I don’t think there will be ads or premium presets coming anytime soon.
Appreciate the gesture though! :heartpulse:

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The third-world no longer exists, but your comparison is understood.

Your proposal is why third-world populations existed and proof that the poison remains.

A peach is a peach and it is worth one peach. For any one who eats two peaches, someone else gets a pit. We keep our pits in the “third world”.