Having issues with FxSound

Having issues on my laptop watching videos on youtube, gaming or anythign really that produces sound and video. The audio is out of sync on everything I watch. Is there something I can do to reduce the latency

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Hi Peter,
We’ve had a “Get Help”-thread before with a similar issue, but the latency happened only on Bluetooth headphones.
Let me check in with FxSound’s lead technician.
Hello @bvijay, user experiencing latency on all audio processed through FxSound.
Any ideas for troubleshooting?

Speaking of latency: can it be that the notebook in question is an older and weaker model and the out of sync comes from insufficient computing power? Just a gues …

It sounds like you are not experiencing this without FxSound running under same conditions?

And finally, as always, a more detailed description would help since remote support is tricky on its own already …

That said, generally everything should checked for the latest versions (Windows, FxSound, drivers, …) first.

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User @Thor proposed the following:

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Hi, I think I am experiencing the same sort of problem.

I have a brand new pc (bought a couple days ago, everything has its latest version) that shows a 0.5 seconds audio delay when watching movies e.g. on netflix, disney plus ecc while using fx sound, but with the normal audio of the pc everything is synched.

The same thing happens with the wifi turned off (and I don’t use bluetooth devices) so I don’t really know what to do.

Thanks in advance

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Let me call in some help again.
Hi @bvijay; User experiencing noticeable latency on a brand new computer, do you have any ideas to troubleshoot the issue? Thanks!

Hi, I just installed Fxsound on a Lenovo Legion 5 pro 16ach6h and have the same issue, a slight latency but one that is already quite noticeable (sound like cca 0,2s based on a video test for latency). A new laptop, everything up to date, win 11, realtek audio

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@jpeter38, @Sambob, @virusak:
I’d love to help you guys, but I can’t.
Only Vijay can, and he’s incredibly busy.
I’ll summon him again, but you’ll have to wait until he gets here…
@bvijay: Hello again Vijay, Multiple users experiencing latency, can you troubleshoot? Thank you.
@PLEASE_DELETE: Do you have any further suggestions? Thanks.

Aside from being not that unusual that alone a weaker system hardware — especially with notebooks — can cause this when live processing an audio stream, i do not have enough insight in FxSound to be of further assistance here by remote support.

Also, there are very, VERY limited informations from the thread starter with which we could work.


for specs - AMD Ryzen 7 5800H, RAM 16GB DDR4, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 8GB 140 W

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Sorry for the delay in replying on this issue.
There are two possible reasons that I can think of for this issue.

FxSound process not getting enough cycles to process the audio samples on time. For this you can try increasing the priority of FxSound process in Task Manager.

Any other audio processing application also is running which is causing the latency in the audio samples to reach FxSound. If there are any other such applications running, you can exit them and try.


Thread reopened - my apologies for closing it.

any solution for the same issue?

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Please refer to my standard troubleshooting list bannered to the top of the forum to ensure proper setup.
Suggestions 1 to 4, 6, 11, and 13 to 20 seem especially relevant.

I hope this helps; feel free to share your results after running through the list and scanning with LatencyMon.