FxSound with Counter-Strike 2

Hi, I haven’t been using FxSound for long, but I find this program really excellent.
I configured an FxSound profile with my personal taste for listening to music and watching movies.

But I can’t use FxSound on Counter-Strike 2
When I activate FxSound to play the game audio is not in sync, disabling FxSound the audio returns to sync

I would like to keep FxSound even when I play Counter-Strike 2 because with FxSound active the audio is much louder but it has this out-of-sync defect.
Is it possible to solve it?

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If your computer has any power-related settings, it would be best to adjust these for maximum performance.
One of the most relevant tips from the main troubleshooting list (at the top of the forum) is downloading LatencyMon and running a scan with FxSound and the game alternately on and off.
It should tell you where the cause of the problem is located.

Under Power Options it is set to High Performance
I installed the LatencyMon program, and started Counter-Strike 2
I don’t see anything abnormal, all green
The delay when shooting or opponent’s footsteps is noticeable with FxSound active.

Isn’t it necessary to set up FxSound for Counter-Strike 2?
Isn’t there a latency section on FxSound?

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Negative to both questions.

In that case, there’s probably not all too much that can be done about the delay…
Sorry about that.

You can disable the FxSound Speakers device in Sound Settings while you don’t need it, and re-enable it whenever you do, with no harmful effects, except for the “Oops” pop-up, which you can safely ignore.
There’s also a summary of alternatives at the end of the troubleshooting list, if you want to try other audio enhancers.

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I get it, it was convenient for me to have FxSound on because I notice that the audio is much louder than when FxSound is off. :frowning:
oh well patience, thanks for the support

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You’re welcome.
You could also contact the game’s support, at
cs2team @ valvesoftware . com

I finally understood the problem.
I connected my headphones in bluetooth mode and had this lag
while if I connect the headphones wirelessly it’s fine :slight_smile:

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