Fxsound stops working after reactivating windows

The program works perfect, I have Windows 11, and for some reason when I stop using my computer for several hours (I never turn it off) it goes into suspension, when resuming Windows the program stops working and I have to change the audio output again

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Good afternoon,
The issue with sleep mode is well-known and has been posted several times on the forum.
A recent update attempted to address the problem, so can I first ask you which version of FxSound you are running?
You can find the version number in the Settings menu, under Help.
The latest version released is, available for download on fxsound.com.

I have the latest version

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Alright. Thanks.

This is the main thread on the sleep mode issue:

So far, no permanent fix has been found, but four actions could be proposed:

  • Disable all unnecessary devices, including hidden ones;
  • Disable automatic switching;
  • Change the Power settings to make the computer stay awake longer;
  • This workaround suggested by user @metanoiance.

It is possible it switches to an inactive output device like your screen (has no speakers but is listed as an audio device). Happens to me and it is annoying.

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Can’t you just disable your screen’s audio in Windows Sound Settings?