FXsound doesn't work with BT headsets

Is there any way to make FXsound work with BT headsets? I’m using a couple of different BT headsets, namely 1More triples, Sony 1000XM3 and none of these are selectable.

Every time FXsound startsor on reboot, it defaults to my Fiio E17 instead of the last output used.

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This is just a thought, but have you already tried setting your preferred Bluetooth device as the Default Communications Device in your Windows sound settings?

That might be because the Bluetooth devices are not connected or active at start to preserve power, which is a normal behaviour for such devices an a modern Bluetooth standard.

To make a device selectable, it needs to be connected and powered on and be seen as active device in the Device Manager of Windows which normally is not the case when using wireless devices for the reason mentioned above.

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