FxSound doesn't recognize headphone jack unless I reboot

If I’m on my laptop (Windows 11) and decide to plug in my speakers via the headphone jack, I have to reboot for it to appear in FXSound.
Thanks for your help

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Hello Paul,
I’ve made my standard troubleshooting list into a banner at the top of the forum, could you please run through that first and post back with your results?
If the problem persists, we can explore further steps.

I’ve tried that without success.

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Okay. Thanks.
I have the following questions:
Which version of FxSound are you running?
Could you share the brand and model of your speakers?
And could you please look in your Windows Sound Settings and Device Manager, and share the name of the device your speakers connect through?
The first thing I would recommend in this case, is either removing the device, via Device Manager, restart your computer, and then re-add it, if possible - if the device has a separate instance, I mean, and does not connect through a necessary and/or irreplaceable system driver - or, alternatively, updating the device driver, also via Device Manager, in the “Driver” tab.

Nice. :+1:
Thanks for letting us know!