FX Sound accessing the webcam

Screenshot Kaspersky FX Sound Using webcam
Why is the Kaspersky antivirus notified that FX Sound accessing the webcam? It is worrying me.

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Good afternoon Reed,
This is probably a false positive, used by the antivirus to trick you into buying a subscription to their product.
Nevertheless, I will ask FxSound’s lead audio engineer about it to be sure.
Hello Vijay,
A user’s antivirus is displaying a warning which claims FxSound is accessing the webcam.
Could you please shed more light on this?
Thank you. :heartpulse:

By the way, this is obviously a hustle, you do not need Kaspersky’s paid “Webcam and Mic Control” feature, to control your own webcam and microphone.
The existing software on your machine, will likely be sufficient.
Just go to Google or DuckDuckGo, type something along the lines of “check which programs have access to / are using my webcam on Windows” into the search field, and don’t forget to add the number of your Windows version.
You should be able to find plenty of tutorials on the topic.