Echo problem through the microphone

When I run the program, I face an echo problem. All the sounds in the device are repeated through the microphone

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Good evening Hassan,
What kind of device are we talking about?
And, is it possible to move the sound output source further away from the microphone?

it is a headset

also the echo is not from my headset it is from system for example on discord when i turn the mic off from the headset but not from discord the echo still their even though my mic is off and not catching my voice it repeat
the system sound

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If you turn the system microphone off in the Recording Devices tab of your Windows Sound Settings, does that help?
Does this happen only when FxSound is On, or also when it is turned Off (via the main Power button)?
The Ambience slider specifically and intentionally adds echo (“reverb”) to your audio stream, so could you please try turning the Ambience down and let me know if this improves anything?
This is a quick link to the most recent version of my “first-aid-kit” list of settings to check if you want to verify that your FxSound is set up properly and perform some basic troubleshooting.

FxSound does not use a virtual microphone, but rather introduces “virtual speakers” with audio redirected to the real sound card. In a basic sense, this shouldn’t be a problem.
But it won’t hurt you to check all possible sound settings (in the system settings, in the program you are using, in the drivers). For example, some driver option does not accept redirected audio correctly.

If all else fails, then write down the complete equipment configuration: system, name of the sound device, connection method (wi-fi, bluetooth, wire, etc.) and other significant details.
It is advisable to ensure that the microphone devices in the system are configured correctly, including the system stereo mixer. To check, they can be turned off programmatically and physically.

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