Driver problem win7

Cannot start Fx Sound, the problem is in driver.


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Good evening,
This is a quick link to the most recent and complete version of my “first-aid-kit” list of settings to check.
For your case specifically, performing a manual driver uninstall and installing the latest version, v1.1.20.0, afterwards, seem like the two tips worth trying first.
So please try those, and post back with your results; and if your driver still remains unverified after that, I’ll ask @bvijay for assistance.
I will be online for at least three more hours.

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If installing the latest version does not help, check for OS updates. Support for SHA1 (file signature format, including drivers) has been discontinued and certificates are no longer issued.
FxSound uses the current SHA-256 format, so Windows 7 requires updates to SHA-2 (sha-256).

Here is some supporting information:

Information from another major developer

The Microsoft security updates that support SHA-256 must be installed in order to operate correctly on computers running Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

Install updates and SPs if they were not previously installed. You can install them manually (after getting them by following the links mentioned above) or via Windows Update.

The updates for working with SHA-256 may also be available in other Windows updates.

(*) The official service pack for Windows Vista is not provided but you can install the Windows Server 2008 service pack.


That is amazingly helpful, once again.