Double right click on the system tray

One thing that makes me curious… generally in every app the menu options will appear if you right click on the system tray icon. But it’s a bit strange that in version, you have to double right click only when the app is first run, then only right click once. If the app restarts, double right click again. Bug?


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Thanks for spotting this.
I’ll test it later this evening, but as far as I can tell, that would indeed be unintentional, one single right-click should always be sufficient.

I’m not experiencing the same behavior. One click, always does the trick… :mouse2:

I’ve tried,

  • Disabling and re-enabling the device in Windows Sound Settings,

  • Exiting via the tray icon and restarting the program,

  • Shutting down and restarting my computer,

And the result is the same every time, only one click needed.

Would you like me to forward this to @bvijay?

Let me correct it first, maybe the correct term is second right click. So, the menu options appear on the second right click when the application is first run.

not working…still need the second rihgt click

By the way, I just found out that it takes a second left click to display the main menu.

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I’ve notified Vijay about your issue.

If i make a right click the program starts. I have no menu in the systray.

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Hi @SuperCuek @Cineatic
In my observation on Windows 11, right-click on FxSound system tray icon shows the menu. Single left click on the icon opens or hides the FxSound Window. I compared the behaviour with other system tray applications like Microsoft Teams, OneNote and McAfee. Each application behaves differently on left click. Teams opens the Window, but second click doesn’t hide the Window. OneNote opens a new notes Window on each click. McAfee opens the menu.
Microsoft guidelines has also left the left click behaviour open for each application
Notifications and the Notification Area - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn

In which Windows version are you seeing the different behaviour on mouse click that you have reported?

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Win10 22H2 19045.3693 x64

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