[VERIFIED BUG] Duplicate FxSound Icons in System Tray

It doesn’t seem to break anything and the duplicated icon tends to disappear after a few seconds. Not yet sure what is causing this. Probably low priority for our team given that it’s not breaking anything.

I’ve experienced this during an ‘upgrade’ installation. I suspect that the new installation was attempting to terminate the previous running instance of the application. I confirm that the duplicate icon (the old running instance) does terminate after the icons are refreshed or after a reboot (or explorer.exe shell process restart).

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the only time I’ve gotten this is the same as ANY app on windows, which is if it crashes it still shows the old tray image, usually hovering over it in the tray, removes it. other wise I’ve never gotten this that I’ve noticed beyond crashes when messing with audio stuff, which isn’t very often.

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Simply point Windows cursor above old icon then it will disapear, no need for PC restart, older FxSound instance is successfully uninstalled after upgrade.

Yes, my older version of FxSound had this.
It was just a minor harmless glitch.