Dolby Atmos + FXSound = fxsound not compatible with dolby atmos driver?

when i try to use the spartial sound option from sound seting > fxsound the dolby build in speaker option dissapear. (device: rog strix G17 with dolby atmos)

fxsound not compatible with dolby atmos driver? (sound seems working but no spartial sound effect)

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Hi Michael,
No, indeed, they are incompatible.
This is a known issue.

I found a solution: so what i did to enable the spartial sound:

  1. install fxsound
  2. open the app and turn it off
  3. disable fxsound from startup
    *restart computer…
  4. open dolby access app & enable > set it to dynamic (test it make sure its working)
    *[then close the app and never open it again lol]
  5. open sound seting > choose realtek > choose spartial audio > set it to “dolby build in speaker”
  6. open sound seting > choose fxsound > choose spartial audio > "now you can see “dolby build in speaker” <== choose this…
  7. re enable fxsound from startup
  8. open fxsound + turn it on
  9. verify spartial is working (WARNING IT CAN GET LOUD! Update: this cause by enabling sound enhancement in realtek speaker) higher volume than before…
  10. restart computer (and check sound make sure its saved n working) ps: do not open any sound seting… Just test your games/movie/music…
    *you need to redo this process if you check sound seting (and it will show no spartial sound when you check the sound seting menu)

so far i already tested with Strix G17 + Zephyrus M16 and its working on win 11.

Update: sometimes sound suddenly cut off no output from fxsound (exiting the app and relaunching fxsound fixed the problem… Weird)

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Thank you!
Your solution can help other users.