Delay On New Updates

We have had some updates ready to go live with for some time, but we have had issues with reinstating our certification with Windows.

However, we have made some progress on that front and will likely have a new update released soon!


Nice! :+1: :partying_face:
I’m happy to hear that, and I’m sure everyone else will be, too.

Now, I have to ask: would you be willing to already share some intel on the improvements made?


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“The new software is ready. We are just adding the bugs.”

I remember when that was considered a clever remark or even funny. It’s a science.

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If someone has an MSFT membership maybe they can put in a support call for us.
I am using the non s’tore ’ version too… …
thanks for excellent SW
Does it use Exclusive mode?

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The certification issue looks to be sorted now! We’ll have the update and patch notes released in the next couple days.


Hi @ayup,
I don’t know for sure if this is an answer to your question or not…
But, one of the first things I usually recommend (in my list of settings to check when users are experiencing issues), is to disable Exclusive Mode for all devices.

So when new version will be available?

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We had another delay on the certification issue. We need to get this sorted before we release the new version so that our software isn’t flagged by Windows as an unknown software published.

I don’t have an exact date on when we will get this sorted unfortunately.


Take your time, the work you all do is worth the wait.


Unfortunate it is a bit delayed but I’m very happy to see new updates!

There is just no way around it, FXSound is (and DFX was) THE software to have for audio enhancements on Windows and it would be an incredibly huge loss if this software was fully discontinued and vanished, there is simply no replacement, it is like a holy grail.

I have been using DFX ever since version 8 on Windows ME for Winamp and I just can’t imagine an audio experience without it, not even the most expensive motherboards have equalizers that can reproduce the same magic this does, it is a whole other level.

And while I never properly used a dedicated audio-card other than the SoundBlaster Live nearly 20 years ago someone else used to use an Asus Xonar audio card which died and after using DFX Audio Enhancer with onboard Realtek the Xonar was not even missed at all, I think that tells enough about it’s audio enhancing capabilities especially for the fidelity.

I could be wrong but I vaguely remember there even being hardware adapters for sale in the past with 3.5mm jacks and wasn’t there even an android app? I see some fake apps riding on the DFX name but wouldn’t it be cool to have an actual android app aswell? That way probably a way bigger audience could be reached because nearly everyone has a phone but not always a desktop PC anymore.

I hope this new version also incorperates a fix for the memory leak discovered before with audiodg.exe, I have been eagerly waiting for that one.

Best of luck and all the best!


What exactly is that “certification”? there are tons of software all around on github, software that modifies the system, software that patches system files, software that hooks the system and many of its elements or substitute system parts like Task Manager, window management, etc… and never heard they use of need any “certification”… :thinking:

Do you mean a driver? because if that is the case we can install unsigned drivers anyway, like we do with patched Nvidia or Realtek drivers…

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You can install drivers and programs without a digital signature. A publisher who does not want unnecessary file blocking by the system and antivirus will prefer to sign the file. This will reduce the risks of blocking the file, and the user will be able to check its digital signature in the file properties.
Please note that not only does UAC show a dubious access request to an application without a digital signature, but the Microsoft store may also refuse to publish software.
You know that the file can be trusted. An ordinary user will see a yellow or red UAC color, and this is a bad sign and a reason to refuse to grant rights to install the program.