Corrupt .cab

I downloaded FX Sound setup (twice) and has an invalid digital signature, and it will not install. Went to \AppData\Roaming\FxSound LLC\FxSound\install\ and extracts just fine, no errors, Ideas?

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@bvijay: Can you help out?
I’m not familiar with those specific files…

First things I can think of:
Have you tried:

  • Running the installer as administrator; or
  • Running the installer in compatibility mode?

The .cab is corrupt, I am the administrator, tried the installer in compatibility mode with same error message. Coming from the server as a corrupt download.

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OK, that sucks.
Please try uninstalling, downloading through the link below, and installing that version (it’s the best I can come up with at the moment).
I know it might seem a bit weird and dodgy but one of our users @caleb59 was so kind to share this, and I assure you it’s completely safe.
Just click the big orange “Download Now” button on the top right, and please report back here afterwards to see if the issue persists. has an invalid digital signature, and it will not install

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Windows (7, XP) with outdated certificates? Update certificates or system.
If the root certificates are out of date, then there may be problems checking the valid digital signatures of files.

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Thanks for the spontaneous assist.
It would indeed be helpful if you could mention which version of Windows you’re running.

@Zipper you can try installing the app from Microsoft Store FxSound - Microsoft Store Apps

The other option to install through fxsound_setup.exe in two steps.

  1. Extract the installer by running fxsound_setup.exe /extract
    Once the files are extracted, you can verify the cab file signature by running
    signtool verify /pa
  2. Then run fxsound.x64.msi (fxsound.msi on 32 bit systems) to install FxSound
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