Casting problems

For the past 5-6 years I constantly cast to a 2nd screen and use the other devices sound system for my speakers. Literally never had a problem doing it daily for well over 1000 days.

I have 2 lenovo laptops. They have awful speakers. FXsound makes them way better. But I’m constantly having problems with it working when I cast… I spend like 20 minutes every couple days dealing with this. Just a ton of restarts in different fashions. And then for no reason at all it will work.

I also just uninstalled your app using the app store, using the microsoft tool, using the uninstall exe, and then deleted all your files… My drivers were still screwed up on a new laptop showing your drivers and I really don’t want to reinstall windows…

If you can fix any of these issues it would be awesome. I’m a programmer, a option for reversing to default drivers is not impossible.

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Hello Joe,
Which version/versions of FxSound are you running, what device/devices are you casting to, and which tool/tools are you using to cast?
I was also wondering if you’ve read the troubleshooting list at the top of the forum yet; it contains some of the most common tips, such as a link to instructions on how to remove the FxSound Audio Enhancer driver inside Device Manager.

Thank you for your response.

I’m using version

I’m using the built in casting tool on windows (windows key +k). I’m pretty sure it’s based off of miracast.
I’m using windows 11 pro Version 10.0.22631 Build 22631.
My device has a brand new 8840hs AMD processor. 16GB of DDR5. Drivers also got messed up on a device with a 5800h processor on the same exact windows version.

Theoretically I want to both use your product and windows simultaneously. I have followed all of your common troubleshooting tools.

I’m wondering if there is any way to fix this, or if I just need to reset all my devices, stop using your product, and stop recommending your product.

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I’m casting to a C2 LG Oled. Pretty new. Running updated software…

Problems are only audio related. And only happen on devices using FX.

Over 5 years casting the same way without FX and never once had it happen.

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I became very irritated tonight after 20 restarts. Done through windows and holding the power button. Also tried sleep which did work in the past.

I’ve given up.

You have a cool product. But I work on 500 computers… not worth it to let anyone touch this program.

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Hi @aegisroark
Sorry for the trouble that you facing with casting.
While casting to a display over WiFi, Windows captures the audio that goes to the audio device and streams the encoded video+audio to the TV. If FxSound is selected as the audio device, then the audio captured will be the audio stream which is not processed by FxSound. So, it is not possible to get the FxSound processed audio to be streamed to the TV.

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Unfortunately fx audio doesn’t allow me to keep it from loading drivers on boot. When I try to so this after not allowing FX to boot, the drivers still exist. But I’m then unable to even run locally to my internal speakers because it’s running through another service that isn’t on…

With digital output fx sound turned off doesn’t work. It also doesn’t work turned on. It got worse and worse overtime.

I stopped when switching would bring the whole brand new 8840hs to its knees. Horrible casting lag. And still no audio.

As soon as I reinstalled windows I haven’t had a single slip up. Changed over about 1200 times…

You have a problem…

Just to update… What you’re saying would make sense if it didn’t randomly decide to work 10% of the time… FXSound was not selected by me as the audio device. But it wouldn’t let me select anything else either… If I selected my realtek drivers it would auto switch to FXsound. When I selected digital output with FXsound not running it would constantly switch between drivers without the ability to output anything.

After I turned on FXsound it would sometimes decide to work… So it was very very possible for FxSound to be processed through the TV.

I did it daily for months. I don’t think you know how your system works.