BUG: Sound quality terrible every reboot requires reinstalling


Proud donor here. I’ve used FX sound for years. Suddenly, past couple of months, every time I turn on my laptop sound quality is tinny, lacking bass. My solution is to go into settings, disable FX. Later I can re-install it and it works fine…until next laptop reboot.

NOTE: My desktop PC, though, works just fine!
LAPTOP: Windows 10, HP Pavillion gaming laptop
FX Sound: Updated to current version as of 3/27/2022

Hello Michael,
Welcome to the forum, enjoy your stay.
On behalf of the team I can say that we appreciate your support.
As for your issue, you note that you’ve updated to the new FxSound today, yet you claim to have been experiencing trouble for several months?
Are you saying you have to de-install and re-install the program every time, or is simply disabling and re-enabling it sufficient?
Some machines are known to have problems with FxSound, and it is not yet clear why exactly.
Either way, I myself won’t be able to solve your problem.
The team will need to look into this - sooner or later…
They are very busy, but they do visit every now and then, my guess is at least once a week.
So please, have a little patience.
I hope your issue gets a fix soon!

@bvijay any ideas on what might be happening for @MichaelEmerald ?

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Hi Michael,
Are you experiencing this issue on any particular audio output on your PC like built-in speaker, headphones or bluetooth? Or does it occur on all outputs?
Can you please check the driver version of FxSound Audio Enhancer in device manager?

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Hello Guys

I was having a sizzle issue, only on my Edifier W800BT Plus 5.0 bluetooth headset. I found this topic, did a test, uninstalled FxSound 1.15, installed it again and it seems to have fixed it. But I found it very strange that this happens.

There is some explanation about it?

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Ask Vijay, he might know.

Could it be that just his sound settings inside FxSound are reverted back to default settings when he restarts his system? Mayb try to save your settings as a new, custom profile and see if that works … Since you are referring to bad/poor audio quality “only”, this could be a settings issue. Audio can be configured to sound really strange using FxSound and when you disable it, of course this solves the issue since you are then just use your default system audio settings only. Maybe you accidently hit a key (when keyboard shortcuts of FxSound are enabled) or in any other way manages to somehow “misconfigure” the FxSound settings?

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BOTTOM LINE: I have a workaround, and the fact that it only happens on one PC and not the other tells me it may be related to the laptop.

UPDATE: Every time I boot my laptop I do the following:

  1. Disable FXSound in device sound settings of the control panel
  2. Re-enable FXSound in device sound manager of the control panel
  3. Re-start the FXSound app (which closed as soon as it was disabled)

Suddenly, it’s perfect again!

Take Care,

Michael Emerald, CFA

Performance Business Design

Owner, Business Strategy Consultant


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Glad to hear it. :+1:

Hey @MichaelEmerald ,

got hit by the 1-day-post-limit yesterday while “spamming” the forum a bit for good! :wink:

So, let me help sorting things out a bit.

01.) I would agree when you say, something that happens with an application on one system but not another is most likely related to that specific system! However, sadly in IT there are THAT MUCH variables always around an issue, that there is plenty of possible causes left. Alone that one needs to not forget obvious things like cables and what not, especially with PC audio issues, can drive you mad! :smiley:

02.) FxSound is installed as a sound device like any other like a discrete sound card, your motherboards sound-chip and so forth. This is the basis. It normally then sits between your real audio device and the applications playing audio and does its magic “in the middle”. When you disable the FxSound sound device, of course everything else related to it is also gone; this can be compared to removing a sound card from the system or at least unistalling its driver so it could not be used anymore. This is the driver/device part of it. The FxSound application then simply is the so-called “frontend” or user interface where you set everything to your liking. Maybe it helps when separating things so far and explaning a bit (not knowing how technically experienced you are).

03.) Since you can fix it with simply re-enabling the audio device and restarting the app could point at a cause with FxSound itself - or not! :wink: When you have a more “exotic” cause like an imcompatibility with your soundcard or such, this already explains why it happens on system 1 but not system 2.

04.) I would suggest you to try to find a clean basis for further analysis; means, update everything around on the system, especially Windows and the sound card driver (the real one, you wrote already FxSound is updated).

05.) Another thing, when everything is updated could be, doing a BIOS update for the affected system. But BEWARE! This is NOT WITHOUT RISK when you do not know what you are doing! Laptops/notebooks are somwhat custom and all-in-one system where manufacturers often fix general issues that way. You could start by searching your laptops manufacturers knowledge base for known issues in context of sound devices or ask their support.

What we are trying to accomplish is, sorting out as much possible causes as we can with general maintenance so far before going into more specific ones.

Next step, if you want to, try to see if the system “knows” of issues but did not tell you! Therefore, you can look at the categories “system” and “application” in the Windows Event VIewer. You can open it so:


Look for any errors (red-cross-symbol) which might be related to audio devices or FxSound directly. Maybe it does not start correctly at boot time which could fit your description and workaround.

I am afraid, for the time being, we are somehow digging in the dark a bit until we found a hint … :wink:

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@wanderlei That sounds somewhat like static noise or any other direct disturbance of the audio signal. Is it only there with FySound or anyway?

Since it sounds your output device is Bluetooth, this often happens when there are other wireless systems around. Does it happen more or less depending on your location maybe? Did you try the Bluetooth device on another system or your mobile?

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