Bluetooth headset stopped working

My Lenovo Thinkplus TH30 stopped working after I installed FxSound on my Acer Swift 3 (Windows 10). It’s a wireless headset that connects to my laptop via Bluetooth. Is anybody else experiencing the same or have a solution to the problem?

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Good evening Jermaine, and welcome to the forum.
First question: which version of FxSound are you running?
Second: does your headset remain dysfunctional after disabling the FxSound Speakers device in your Windows Sound Settings?
(You can always re-enable the device, the only problem you’ll experience is the “Oops!” pop-up, which you can ignore in this case.)
And have you already tried completely removing, then re-adding your headset from and to your laptop’s Bluetooth list?
I’ve bannered and linked a troubleshooting list at the top of the forum with the most common tips and suggestions;