About donation in Turkey

Hello guys,

I am Ali, from Turkey. I can not explain that how FxSound fixed a huge problem in my PC.

So i would like to make a donation as a 5 USD. (It is too much less than that it deserved, sorry bro)

But i can not make a donation via Paypal because of Paypal is a banned website in my country.

How can i send you this 5 USD ?

Hope that you can see it.

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Hello Ali, welcome.
Thank you in advance for your contribution; glad you like the software.
Let me ask the CEO of FxSound…
@james: Could you perhaps answer this question?

I already sent an e-mail to him lol.

waiting for answer

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I guess there’s not much else I can do then…

Sorry for the late response! Thank you for offering to send $5. No worries if it’s too much trouble.

You can donate via crypto if you have some: Coinbase Commerce

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