7.1 surround sound bug and parametric eq design

There is some sort of bug for surround sound settings in Win11 sound config. I was unable to used it because I want to make that sound immersive, but it is completely unfortunate to use it. Hopefully that the issue will fixed soon for a moment. I want a real parametric eq which is like this, for example:

Courtesy: Sky Music
I don’t really like a graphic eq bands which is very difficult to hear the Frequency sounds. Which includes high pass, low pass, high shelf, and low shelf filters that are built in in Parametric EQ and it needs ten bands, not a 9 bands like steelseries sonar.

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Hello Miko,
Welcome to the forum and my apologies for keeping you waiting; I had some personal matters that needed attending to.

I answered a similar question yesterday in this thread,

As for your second point,

Your request has been duly noted, but FxSound has never had such a Parametric EQ, and there are no plans to change the EQ, so I’m going to have to disappoint you there; sorry about that.
Neutron and EqualizerAPO are two free programs with a Parametric EQ that come to mind. EqualizerAPO also has a wide range of built-in filters, including all the ones you described above.