XBOX gamebar volume control doesnt work

Muting an application in xbox game bar doesnt mute it on the headset.
But that feature worked when i used my normal Realtek drivers.

Using the built-in volume mixer from windows actually works, but is very inconvenient since im always muting multiple and many applications at once.

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Apologies for this obviously unintended bug on behalf of the team, and thanks for the report, I’ll make sure it gets noticed.
This is my standard list of simple settings to check first:

I usually add this tip by @vincent to that list:

Two suggestions you could perhaps give a careful try, by @Brock and @Dolmatov, concerning the “Default Device” settings (and yes, I am quite aware they contradict my own advice given above):

Please give these suggestions a try, and post back with your results.
If the issue persists, we can explore further steps.

Could you record a video of the steps being taken and add more details?

I have Xbox game bar 5.823.3261.0 on Windows 11 22H2 22624.1555.
The sound control menu is identical to the system option with a choice of devices and applications.
Global mute works, it does not work separately for applications. It’s like the Xbox app doesn’t interact with the system.

Based on what I have written, I recommend sending feedback through the xbox app. I have an assumption that the Microsoft developers did not check the work with virtual sound devices, but checked it only on a physical device.

Of course, you/we/they should check the work with other similar programs. I also use SteelSeries GG, but at the moment there is no way to test work with xbox. This program has differences in sound processing compared to FXsound.


thanks for all the great support, i have fixed it by setting the audio source to my headphone drivers instead of the fx sound drivers.
since fxsound always set the default sound output instantly back to their own audio device, you have to disable fx sound temporairly, this defeats the complete purpose of “convenient”
so im just living with the “inconvenient” way of using the audio mixer.


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