Will there ever be a sideloadable version?

i have seen the other forums saying that this app cant come to ios because of their policies but what about sideloading.

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Good evening daizuha,
As a Windows user, I have no experience whatsoever with any iOS devices.
My first question would be: what iOS device(s) do you want to install FxSound on?
While performing a search on this topic, I found that the European Union will probably soon be forcing Apple to allow its users to install non-iOS apps under its Digital Markets Act from iOS 17 onward; but this will only apply to European territories.
There are some other options, like AltStore, but, as I said, being a Windows user, I cannot tell you anything about its reliability.
I did just add your question to the existing thread on iOS, which you can now find linked underneath your opening post, so other forum users can perhaps provide an answer.