FxSound for iOS

Unfortunately Apple prevents us from using FxSound processing on all audio on the device. The only work-around would be to create an FxSound music player. You could upload your own music files and we can offer the options to import tracks from streaming services like YouTube, Spotify, and Amazon Music (need to verify if we can import Apple Music songs).

The other non-ideal option would to be to create an EQ that doesn’t use FxSound processing, but it would have the FxSound brand.


This would actually be great.

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Hi James,

Congratulations on an amazing product. I had a paid license for “DFX Plus Audio Enhancer”, and installed your current version of FXSound yesterday. I am still stunned by how it’s an even better interface with even better sound. Finally EQ user settings for people that aren’t EQ “competent”.

I run Windows 10, but all my phones are iOS. So I have on foot on each side. I can understand the predicament for your development not being able to use “all sound” in iOS. That’s exactly what makes FXSound so powerful, that its not app-dependent.

Anyway, I run my Apple Music through my Windows Browser so at least I have FX Sound that way on Apple Music, with terrific results by way.

Keep up the good work.


Hi, I’d take the first option if possible… btw thank you, your work is amazing.

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