FxSound for Android

Unfortunately Android prevents us from using FxSound processing on all audio on the device. The only work-around would be to create an FxSound music player. You could upload your own music files and we can offer the options to import tracks from streaming services like YouTube, Spotify, and Amazon Music (need to verify if we can import Apple Music songs).

The other non-ideal option would to be to create an EQ that doesn’t use FxSound processing, but it would have the FxSound brand.


I regret to inform you that the perfect Android music player already exists.
It is called Neutron (this links to the Google Play app store) and there is simply no way anyone could ever make a better app.
“You can try, but you will not be successful.” - Ross
EDIT: Here’s a quick link to an overview of Neutron’s features.

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I am using “Poweramp” (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.maxmpz.audioplayer&hl=en) on Windows which i find the best player for my use case by now. Interestingly, it is somewhat visually close to @doolhoofd player! ^^

However, the problem here simply is, that i would not like to decide wether to have FxSound features for Android or the ones on my current player. Therefore, FxSounds system-wide nature today (compared to the Winamp-focused DFX back then) is the best solution.

However, a tradeoff could be, trying to do a cooperation with one the popular player developers … both could benefit here, but i guess it would stay or fail with the details …