Why surround 7.1 dosent work anymore

i got a NVIDIA gtx 750 ti and i was tryim to play hitman absolution then avast one made me update all the drivers and now i cant use surroind 7.1 anymore and it forces to be om stereo
cna somebody help me?

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Good afternoon Simon,
Which drivers were updated?
If you go to Windows Device Manager, there will always be an option to roll back the driver to its previous state for all sound devices - but please note that doing this is at your own risk.

Here are the instructions on how to roll back a device driver.
No need to perform a rollback on FxSound since a new driver would be synonymous with a new update.
Your target devices should only be the ones you want to use 7.1 on.

Also, BitDefender Free Antivirus is a way, way better antivirus than Avast, and will not play such tricks on you.

If this fixed your problem, please let me know?

I got tired of Avast finding new and creative ways to break my machines a few years ago. Roll back your driver manually, or use system restore for an easier fix, stick with Windows update or a manufacturer’s site for driver updates, and give Malwarebytes AV and Macrium Reflect backup a try. Amazon has the best price for Malwarebytes. Reflect comes direct from Macrium. Its interface if more complex, but the documentation is good and the software is bulletproof. Good luck.

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