What presets do you want added to FxSound?

New preset idea: R&B


New preset idea: Jazz


Loudness Contour. Like the loudness button on vintage stereo amps, to improve low-volume listening.

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Electronica, Hip Hop, and why not “Booty Bass” for fun :smiley:


Disco light bars left and right of UI

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I am fully satisfied with the product as it is. :slight_smile:
Listening to old progressive psytrance with these settings:


One preset that I use the most is the ‘Voice’ preset.

An Interesting Short:

I had experienced some temp hearing loss while back due to high dosage steroid medication prescribed to reduce inflammation for sinuses. Several side effects include: high pitched ringing in the ear/pounding of the ear drums/temp closure or narrowing of the eustachian tubes. The eustachian tubes regulate air pressure in the middle ear.

This meant that I could not hear or listen to ‘bass/subwoofer/low-freq’ sounds. When I walked into a shopping centre/home depot with massive air conditioners, or if a helicopter passes over, or if large vehicles are on the streets vibrating the roads – that noise travels through the ground, through walls, up legs via bones – accumulates in the middle ear – spider senses – maddening/painful.

No other FX Sound preset would produce a good outcome in this condition except the Voice preset.

Given the scenario above, the voice preset served as a hearing aid and has medical application.


Hi @james,
A lot of the bonus presets (from Download bonus presets ) sound exactly the same, for example, no difference between the 70’s and 80’s preset whatsoever.
Are they supposed to be this way?

Yeah some of the differences on these presets only have very slight changes on the EQ center frequency. (Or at least they should… let me know if you can verify that there is really no differences at all.)

This was an audio design choice by one of our audio engineers. His thinking was that the Music preset is great for all music genres so the adjustments should be slight. Although you could argue he was a bit too conservative!

I’ll be seeking a new audio engineer consultant to help us with some adjustments to the bonus presets as well as making some new ones.

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Good idea.

70s, 80s, Classic Rock: zero difference. Not even in the EQ frequencies.

Weird okay let me see what’s up with that. Thanks.

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If you look closely at your screenshots, there are very minor differences. Look at the numbers below the meters. It’s easy to miss, because the levels appear the same, but the numbers below are slightly different.


Ok, some presets I’ve been thinking about.

Modern Rap

Golden Era Old School Rap (early 80’s) (ie Grandmaster Flash and Furious Five, Afrika Bammbatta)

Old School Rap (Late 80s) (ie Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, Biz Markie, EPMD)

90s Rap music (ie Lords of the Underground, Black Star, early Wu Tang)

Underground Rap (1997-2012) (ie Rza singles, Big L)

Modern Underground Rap (ie Sean Price, R.A. The Rugged Man)

Old Rap Tapes and Recorded Concerts Revitalized

Old Tapes/Recordings Revitalized (General)

Classical Reggae

90s Dancehall Reggae *prioritze

Modern Reggae


1980s Heavy Metal

Modern Metal

1960s Rock *prioritize

1970s Rock

1960s/1970s R&B

Modern R&B

1950s Rock

Salsa (modern)

1980s Salsa




Cumbia (Classic Colombian 1970s, 1980s) *prioritize

Cumbia (Mexican and Ecuadorian)

Caribbean African Folk music *prioritize




Disco (1970s)

Funk (1970s)

Old Radio Music Revitalization (1930s/1940s)

Movies with Classical/Symphonic music

Movies with Rock and Pop music

TV shows with a lot of action (ie Clone Wars, The Mandalorian, Picard) (so you dont have to lower the volume during action scenes and raise the volume during talking scenes)

TV shows (family sitcoms)

1940s Jazz

Modern Jazz


Anybody already thought about making the application a bit more interesting for other use cases also? So, we are in 2022, right? What about a preset for special voice cases like IP telephony, all those video call clients like Zoom and so forth? Making the app more interesting for OFFICE USE surely would not hurt, rigth? :slight_smile: Maybe this is not is core intention, but why not when it can be accomplished maybe with a bit of preset-tweaking? Could be promoted on the website also …

Aside that, what about the gamers? There a so much really bad audio tools they are offering from the manufacturers everywhere. You do have a really good one. Maybe one could even think about special features for that. And which ego shooter guy would reject some more clarity to hear where the enemy is coming from. Even a cooperation with some ahrdware manufaturers is an option and a point in the future …

I know, that is not really the beast ideas generally, but i would like FxSound to re-gain some of its former popularity and glory. And a bigger userbase always helps! The damn thing is free now and i think, James and Vijay just just deserve it for such a friendly and brave step! :slight_smile: Don’t you agree?


Thanks for the ideas, @PLEASE_DELETE.
As for myself, how’s about PsyTrance and ChillOut presets?
I’ve already made my own, but I’m just throwing the ideas out there.

Yes, I definitely do, and I know many others hold the same opinion. The decision to make FxSound free is absolutely laudable. :heart_eyes:

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Here’s mine I used the Sony’s Home Audio System as a model. Although it wasn’t exactly a 1:1 replica. This is designed to be used with a loudspeaker and not for headphones. Presets includes for music, movie watching and one for gaming.

Download the file and import the preset to your fxsound.


When do you think we will have some more? I’m waiting for it!!!

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@ All: Just gonna share this thread here briefly…

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Some more ides:


A request for a Concert Effect preset,