Welcome and Forum Guidelines

Hey! Welcome to our new support forum and community. This is a place for our users to connect with each other, ask questions, share feedback, and more!

To help you get the most out of this forum and community, we’ve put together the following guidelines. We want to make sure this site stays organized and that conversations stay constructive. Please make sure to take a moment to read them!

Community Guidelines

Be kind

Constructive conversations, feedback, and debates are okay. Harassment, threats, personal attacks, discrimination, or trolling is not.

Help keep the forum organized

Search for similar topics before posting a new one so we can avoid duplicate threads.

No spam

Don't be that guy. If you want to share something about yourself or your work that you think will help others, awesome. But keep it on-topic and don't overdo it. If you see something that looks like spam, flag it and our moderators will take it down.

Topic and Replies

Be clear and concise

Make sure to be descriptive in your title, body, and replies. Include details, screenshots, and links when possible. This helps the community understand what you're talking about so they can better help you.

Reporting bugs

If you think you're facing a bug issue, search the forum first in the Get Help category to see if this question has already been reported. Please also take a look at the FxSound Learning Center to see if there are some troubleshooting steps you can try. If you don't see anything about the potential bug issue you're facing, go ahead and create a new topic in the Get Help Category.

Get Help Category

FxSound Learning Center

Sharing feedback

When sharing feedback and product ideas make sure to first read the instructions pinned in that category. We love hearing from you, but since we're a small team we can't promise we'll get to everything.

Feedback Category

Share the love and vote for the ideas you like

Use the like feature on topics and comments to show appreciation and vote for the ideas and features you want to see implemented.

Bookmark your favorites

Use this feature to save your favorite topics so you can easily come back and reply to them later.