READ ME: How to use the Get Help category

If you have a question about using FxSound or you think you may be running into a bug issue, this is a great place to start.

You can also check out our Learning Center which has help articles, troubleshooting guides, and courses on how to use FxSound. We’ll no longer be offering email support in an effort to refocus our limited time and resources on product design and development.

Someone on the FxSound team will be keeping an eye on the FxSound Forum at least once a week, but we’ll be needing help from community members like yourself to assist the FxSound community when you can. If you’d like to be a moderator please send me a message!


  1. Before creating a new topic do a search to make sure it hasn’t been asked by another member of the community.
  2. When creating a new thread, write your topic title as a question.
  3. When creating a new thread or responding to an existing thread, give as much context as possible (details, screenshots, etc.) to help the community and the FxSound team help you.