Trojan.Win32.Drop.jxdhgv in your program?

I downloaded your program and scan with Virustotal and it found 1 virus?


It may false detection but could you please make it 100% clean and green color on Virustotal?


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Hi Tom,
We’ve already had a few similar threads, and this is, in all likelihood, another false positive, but I will notify Vijay and forward your question nonetheless.

Hi Tom
FxSound has two file save options, 1.Save preset and 2.Export presets, which prompt a UI. Virustotal reporting Trojan.Win32.Save.ExternalUi could be due to this. I will check if there is any way to make this feature not being treated as trojan by virustotal.

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When I scan FxSound.exe in I got a report saying “No security vendors and no sandboxes flagged this file as malicious”

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Could you please paste your Virustotal link here? I tried to upload it again and same result.


VirusTotal - File - 3541df625affa384feacf3cd3d64c47d2372eab9a2055d57dde08afe7f85862c

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I scanned the latest version of FxSound.exe (
Here is the virustotal link VirusTotal - File - 36620644a31c7b6bed2a92043a40e0127784064042ce7ed00698b800ca427215

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Learn to understand information before spreading information. According to the provided link, the reaction of only one antivirus (little known?) NANO-Antivirus. If there were results from well-known popular representatives, then it would be worth worrying. In the case of isolated reactions, false positives should be reported to support the antivirus, not the application.

Read at least Wikipedia about this antivirus. I have a feeling that it began to be developed at a time when there were rumors about the need for domestic software in Russia (early period, before the active stage of import substitution).


NANO Antivirus has confirmed it was a false positive and scan results are now 100% clean.
(Same link you shared above)

Thank you for your response. Great to see that it’s false detection I guess.

In some cases, websites can get hacked, and hackers may infect the software, subsequently distributing viruses to users.

Therefore, less experienced users, have the right to question and be concerned when they detect a virus. Sending questions and concerns to the developer, in my opinion, is a responsible action.

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No worries, I understand - Trojans are no laughing matter! :horse: