Suppressing the survey popup

Hi All

I keep getting a pop-up from FXSound asking me to take a 4-minute survey. Even though I followed this and completed the survey , it keeps popping up.


Turning off notifications for it in the system tray in WIndows doesn’t work I’m afraid.

Does anyone know how to suppress it and stop it appearing?

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First time I’m hearing about this.
Let me notify @james and @bvijay for you to try and set this straight asap.
On behalf of the FxSound team, my apologies for the inconvenience.

Ok thanks.

This is the page the link goes to , by the way.

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@CDandVinyl Edit when the program is closed.

  1. Open the folder
  2. Open with a notepad
  3. Change a value 0 to 1
    <VALUE name="survey_displayed" val="1"/>
    Additionally, you can change the polling timer, or add it in the absence.
    <VALUE name="survey_timer" val="1648246253"/>
    1648246253 = Fri Mar 25 2022 22:10:53 GMT+0000
    On this site it is convenient to convert the value for its viewing and reverse conversion for use.
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Thanks again, @Dolmatov! :smiley:
It’s nice having you around.

Ok thanks!

I’ve added these lines to the settings file

<VALUE name="survey_displayed" val="1"/>

<VALUE name="survey_timer" val="1648246253"/>

I hope i have this right , and this will suppress the survey popup from now on.


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I hope this fixes it; thanks again for the solution, Dolmatov.
If the pop-up keeps appearing, please post back here, and we’ll explore further options.

Yes , I will. I’ve made the changes to the lines suggested in the settings file. So far so good , but I’ll post back here if the survey pop-up reappears in the next few days.

BTW i wonder if there is a similar line that could be added to the settings file to suppress the splash screen(s) that always shows on startup.


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Thanks @Dolmatov for the suggestion on editing the settings file to not show the survey notification.
Changing the settings entry,

is the right thing to do, to stop the survey pop-up.

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Normally, after the first pop-up, application itself sets the settings “survey_displayed” to 1 to prevent the pop-up from appearing again. But, if that is not happening, it is better to check if the FxSound.settings file getting saved correctly or not due to any access rights issue or the file being read-only.

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