Sound echoes into microphone

sorry i have bad engilish i have this problem sound echoes into microphone how can i fix :frowning:

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Good evening Aziz,

This does not give me much to work with; could you please provide a little more information about your setup (Windows version, sound devices used) and also a more detailed description about when and how the problem occurs exactly?

You don’t have to use English, you can write it in your own language.

Does it occur only when FxSound is active?

If yes, then I’m guessing the Ambience and/or Surround Sound effect sliders will probably be to blame for that, and I’d suggest reducing those, particularly when you’re using both your microphone ànd another sound device simultaneously - so in that case, please try that first, and report back with your results.

If not, then here is a quick link to my basic list of settings to check if you want to verify that you are set up correctly to use FxSound,

Hope to hear from you soon.