Please wait (eternally) while windows configures FxSound

Hi everybody,

I Installed today The most recent FXSound version (I’ve never used this app before).

I ran the installation wizard, got through the installation process, but it gets stuck in the following error:

“Please wait while windows configures FxSound.
Time remaining: 0 seconds”

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I’m using windows 7. What’s wrong, and how can I fix it?

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Hi Arthur,
First option I’d recommend, is cancelling (or, stopping the installation task manually in the Applications tab of Windows Task Manager), restarting your computer, and running the installer again.
There are other options, but I would start with that.
Please post back with your results.

I uninstalled and installed again 2x yesterday. But today i turned my PC on and tried this solution, and it worked! I’ll just check if the tuning/sound eq works properly

Thank you so much!

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@doolhoofd lol (can I react here?)

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Of course. It’s a message board, not a prison.