How do you Save a Custom Preset?

Hello Fellow Music Fans And Musicians,

I hate to ask this because I’d bet the farm it’s as obvious as your reflection in the mirror is you, but I just don’t see how to save presets. I click on the burger and I see Save New Preset and a dialog box to type the name in, but there’s no “Yes”, “Are You Sure”, or any way I can think of to Confirm. And I can’t blame it on low vision this time as the screen is actually large enough for me to see, even on my laptop no less.

For any assistance I will be most grateful, as long as you don’t ask me to explain the difference between Bytes of Memory and Bytes of Hard Drive Space. That’s going back too far in my limited memory capacity and has probably been overwritten by now anyway.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Hello my friend,
The method is very simple

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If I’m not mistaken, you need to press Enter.

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You must press enter after typing the name

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Yeah, I did all that. No change. However, I did figure out what the problem was. My vision:frowning:

I have low vision and when I first made a pre-set, I saved it as Ax (my nickname) and when I made some changes to it later, I tried to save it as Ax again, not noticing that I needed to use the Overwrite Existing Preset option, right below it. And as you probably know, that does not work. But it works fine if you do it the right way!

When I write something in my text editor, such as this post for example, the font size is rather large to most people. I need that to be able to read anything most of the time.

However, in programs that the text is a fixed size that is far too small me to read, I have to use the Windows Magnifier, which if you’ve ever used that probably know how annoying that can be. Unlike the cursor setting for your mouse, which you can control the speed at which it moves, the Magnifier’s speed is nearly uncontrollable. If you barely move it, it zips across the screen a long way.

As if to make matters worse, this laptop is a “PS2”, if you follow me. It’s got so many quirks it’s pathetic. Even though I have it plugged into a large HDMI TV for a monitor and can see better, it’s still not good enough in some programs. In that case I usually have to have someone tell me what is on the screen…

So I’m sorry, the problem was exactly what you probably thought it was… Operator error.

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It’s no problem; I apologize for being so “ad rem” in my reply.
Have you tried going into the Control Panel and fiddling with your Display Settings, like the screen resolution, among other options?
This seems like the easiest way to manage visibility issues.
Windows is incredibly malleable, and there are also multiple ways to create shortcuts on your desktop and/or taskbar to certain programs or certain sections of your Control Panel, for easier access (which differ depending on your version of Windows)…
As well as multiple ways to get certain programs, or certain sections of your Control Panel, to open by themselves on every startup (again, different depending on your Windows version)…
And, as I’ve discovered, combining a spontaneous startup with a shortcut, really goes a long way in facilitating easy access to any setting or program you need to tweak often.
“The Google” should be able to provide you with all the necessary technical instructions to fully customize your Windows experience! :nerd_face: