High Pitch Squealing from speakers

The issue presented itself after the initial install and was not resolved after the update. I looked through the help knowledge base and no topics were there to troubleshoot issues. I disabled and reenabled the Fx Enhanced speakers and nothing occurred. I uninstalled and reinstalled the application and the issue remained.

Need to know how to stop squealing. if unable, I may decide to reinstall DFX as it never gave me issues in the years that I have used it.

The installed version is

So i have been having the same issue since the driver version &

Driver Version = BAD High Pitch
Driver Version = BAD High Pitch
Driver Version: = Working (virtual 7.1 surround)

im using zephyrus M15 laptop with sonic studio 3 app by default

the current solution for me: go to device manager > sound > fxsound > update driver > rollback to

Finally a Forum! hope fxsounds team can fix this driver issue…


Damn… okay sorry about this guys. My lead developer is on a well-earned hiatus for two weeks but I’ll put him on this as soon as he gets back.

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