Getting FxSound to work with Pro Broadcast card

Have windows 10 set up with pro broadcast music play program. All music plays on audioscience card on player #4
I can load FX sound as the output device but it will only play files that are played on the computer default internal sound card. Cannot get it to use audio science playback 4 as the input source. Help!

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Hello Larry,
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Let me ask @PLEASE_DELETE first.

My first thought was, that i don’t know your devices and setup and that it leaves dozens of possibles isses (reminds me to work on that audio issues FAQ …), but have you tried setting the desired default audio devices in the audio device settings of Windows?

You can set a default audio playback device and a default communication device. The first one is the relevant for FxSound. Also, when trying around and changing/unplugging audio device, do restart FxSound completely since it sometimes just does nothing at all then.

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